Oh Annie

So I’ve mentioned in the past that there’s a Spider-Man musical. Coming to Broadway. With music by Bono and The Edge. Directed by Julie Taymor. And, on paper, that seems intriguing. Then it took them something like 3 years to get the show up and off the ground. And it’s being called the most expensive musical to produce in the history of Broadway. And it’s still not open.

Well, today the first photos were released by Vogue. Shot by Annie Leibovitz. I generally love Annie’s photos. But these are… really not good. They look horribly photoshopped. And just flat out bad. For example:
Spidey, Mary Jane, Green Goblin

Flip thru all the photos. I’m not sure what Annie and Vogue were thinking. Also, a villain named Swiss Miss? Who’s a bladed chick? Huh?? And how many villains can you get into one musical production of Spider-Man? Yikes is all I have to say.


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