Did Toy Story 3 Make You Cry?

Well you are not alone if you said “OMG YES!” to that question. And now you can learn the reason why animated movies make adults cry.

Stupid Pixar and your genius movies, making everyone get all in touch with emotions and stuff.


3 thoughts on “Did Toy Story 3 Make You Cry?”

  1. But it was a good cry! It really was a good cry.

    I rarely see any movie at any time, let alone in the theater, and I now make exceptions for Pixar movies. They deserve every one of those billion dollars because they are far and above the best. I like rewarding excellence in a world of mediocrity.

  2. Didactic Pirate – *laugh* But at least this time you’d have a good reason.

    VK1 – Indeed. I love love love Pixar. Every damn time. Up just about killed me with the opening silent movie sequence.

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