Oh SyFy

First you change your name from SciFi to SyFy. Which I thought was kind of ridiculous. But now… Billy Ray Cyrus the ghost hunter? Seriously?

“UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious” for cable network Syfy has Cyrus and his 21-year-old son Trace investigating conspiracy theories.

“Our audience craves authentic, compelling and informative storytelling that pushes the boundaries of our normal world,” said Mark Stern, head of programing for the NBC Universal-owned network.

“Allegations of cover-up and conspiracy around unexplained phenomena has inspired heated debate for decades,” Stern said. “It will be interesting to see what truth Billy Ray and Trace may discover.”

Everything about this, from the “stars” to the premise to the RIDICULOUS title hurt my soul (see how I didn’t make an “Achy Breaky Heart” joke there?). Remember when SyFy was just horrible awesome movies like Mansquito?