In Which I Become an Intern and Fall Down

So… my unemployed ass has been super busy this week. It’s funny how all my social activities end up falling in the same week.

On Tuesday, an old college friend I hadn’t see in 10 years was in the area so I drove up to the city and we had lunch and bummed around. It was like we’d never stopped talking. It was great to see him and we should get together more often than every ten years.

On Wednesday I had an interview with the Artistic Director and Intern/Volunteer Coordinator with a local theatre company about using me as a volunteer. Long story short, it looks like I’m going to be an “intern” and am going to spend a good chunk of time helping them do business! Yay! I might stage manage a production too – I’m still thinking on that one.

I’ve been using this time off to figure out what I want to do next and it hit me – I really miss doing theatre stuff. I’m good at the administrative type stuff, I enjoy helping companies out, so let’s just get out there and do it. My interview was great – the two ladies I talked to were awesome and I can’t wait to go hang out and do stuff with them.

Last night I ushered/sold concessions for a production in a park.

Sanborn Park

Pretty trees with a family of deer that wandered thru.

Sequoia Grove

It was a lovely little venue.

Much Ado

However, trying to head out at about 10pm became risky for my klutzy self. See, they had me park in a lot kind of far away from the theatre area as I was “staff” and while it was easy enough to figure my way thru the park and to the stage in the sunlight, at 10pm it was pitch black. I headed up the trail to where I thought I’d find some light. Instead I ran into sprinklers. And absolute darkness.

Dark park

I was using my iPhone flash to illuminate the way in bursts. And then I realized I had NO IDEA where I was and started to panic a little. I could see a car in the distance back toward the theatre area so I though I better hustle back down and get some help. The park was a huge no cell service area and I didn’t want to be stuck, in the pitch black, with no cell service, lost and alone.

Me, hustling in the dark

So I’m hustling down the path, flashing the flash, and BAM! Gravity + dark + park trail + klutz = wicked fall. I hit the pavement hard and fast and blindly. I remember thinking “HANG ON TO THE PHONE! It’s your only light!” It kinda bounced out of my hand but luckily I have a neon green bumper on it which made it easy to see. I picked myself up and started yelling. I got better directions and limped off on a non-path toward my car. I got into the car and realized my hand was bleeding pretty good and was pretty sure my left elbow and knee might be too. Now, this park is set back off the “main” road on a windy, narrow, no lights road. So I’m sucking on my right hand, trying to drive with my left hand, and hoping a deer doesn’t duck out in front of me. 35 minutes later I get home and assess the damage. It looked like I’d been in a really lame fight. Here’s the bandaged aftermath of my right hand:

tore up hand

Today a clerk asked if I’d been in a car wreck. I’m sore enough to think so.

So basically, I had a good week. I’m gonna get back to doing things I love. And I should be smarter about travelling alone in the dark. *sigh*

Happy Friday the 13th!