Something Stupid This Way Comes

So I had a very theatrical weekend. On Saturday we drove north to see MacHomer. It was played in an outdoor amphitheatre so we packed a picnic dinner and a blanket and made a nice little event of it. The grounds are lovely:

Cal Shakes

There are nice little trails and picnic spots set up around the venue. It was a bit chilly but we fixed that with a nice cup of piping hot chocolate.

The stage was cute:

MacHomer Stage

The back television was used for projecting a bunch of images. The small TV had a video camera built in for a live feed and stuff. Nice set up.

MacHomer is a one man show – he does a shortened version of Macbeth while performing as many, many characters from The Simpsons. It was funny and impressive. I really very much enjoyed it and would go back to see some actual Shakespeare.

Today I dipped my toe back into the waters of volunteering. I ushered at a place I’ve been wanting to see for awhile – The Retro Dome. The show wasn’t really my thing, though I did enjoy it and the singers were all very good. But I had fun and I’d go back for other stuff. Also? Their concessions stand has Fun Dip and Pop Rocks. WIN.

Retro Dome lobby

Tonight we FINALLY saw Inception. I dug it. There was a girl a few rows behind us who literally yelled “NOOOOOOOOOO” as the final scene went to black, which was HILARIOUS.

I’ve got a few more theatre companies lined up to usher for, and see what other kind of volunteer work I can do. It’d be nice to be able to get back to picking and choosing some theatre work.