Classy Weekend

Summer is the season for Shakespeare and this summer is no exception. I’m stoked about the play we’re going to see this weekend – MacHomer.

It’s a guy named Rick Miller, doing Macbeth, as characters from The Simpsons. For serious. I. Am. SO. EXCITED. I’ll report back next week!

I’ve also signed up to usher some shows with a few different theatre companies to dip my toes back into the theatre world after a hiatus of quite a few years. Hey, free tickets right? I’m looking forward to getting out of the house, meeting a few new people, and getting some theatre in me. I just hope this gorgeous weather holds as most of the shows are outdoors!

2 thoughts on “Classy Weekend”

  1. my last real exposure to performing arts (besides the once in a blue moon musical like Avenue Q) was singing in an Oratorio-like choir in Chicago in 2005. I attended my roommate’s small modern dance show too. Very “Playhouse Dance” except with 40 people in attendance.

    I miss.

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