I’m spending this weekend in sunny gorgeous San Francisco. I’m hoping to catch up with an old pal from home, see some sights, generally be lazy. Check out the view and the weather!

San Francisco

One thing I love about this city is it’s geek vibe.

Apple Ready to Rock

Also, the food. Witness: I ate like a pig at an Indian Buffet.

Indian food

Tomorrow I’m going to walk a bunch of miles to drop that Indian food calorie load (but it was so worth it).

Happy weekend!

A Whole Lotta Ladies I Like

We saw The Expendables this weekend. I’m going to just post my Facebook status review of the film for you: The Expendables – so much testosterone I think I grew a penis. Dolph Lundgren continues to be the baddest ass Fulbright winning MIT recruit ever.

Anyway, not the point. Before the film we saw a trailer for a film called “You Again” that I’m so going to see because it’s like they rounded up some of my favorite women (and VICTOR GARBER!!) and put them in a movie together. Check this out:

Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Kristen Chenowith, Cloris Leachman, AND Betty White?! YES! I think it opens next month. I’ve informed the menfolk that we WILL be going to this.

Finally, A Use For 3-D

I know it’s been done before in the 1970s (trust me, I saw it) but finally, a real use for 3-D: PORN!

Despite this, other major 3-D sex flicks are now reportedly in the works. Adult entertainment firm Hustler is reportedly working on a three-dimensional porno-spoof of the lithe, blue aliens in “Avatar,” while Italian director Tinto Brass plans to film a 3-D version of his classic 1979 erotic film “Caligula,” based loosely on the dissolute life of the Roman emperor.

Yes, that’s right, Hustler’s classic film Caligula, starring Peter O’Toole, Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell and John Gielgud, with a screenplay by Gore Vidal will FINALLY be re-done in 3-D the way Larry Flynt probably always wanted it to be.

Look what you’ve done James Cameron.