About That Basketball Guy

So I guess there was some ridiculous ESPN hour devoted to some basketball player making a terribly heartwrenching decision. You know, the “who’s gonna pay me the most money” decision. Rough life. Whateves.

The reason I mention this is because of this AWESOME LETTER from the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he ditched. Seriously, go read it. Right now.

Dan Gilbert, you’re my new favorite person from Cleveland. And I actually have family there.


2 thoughts on “About That Basketball Guy”

  1. Interesting piece. But here’s what I love.

    1. The St. Louis Blues have had a rough run. They recently had their team sold to new ownership and failed to make the playoffs. They had a pro sports record for making the playoffs. Anyway, to woo fans back, the new owners did a Fan Appreciation night in which everyone got free food, all night long, at a home game. What’s Dan Gilbert do? He went OLD school, Babe Ruth style, and HEXED LeBron. I thought Chicago sports were rough. Cleveland brought it.

    2. How do you top a ridiculous one hour ESPN show? You write a crazy letter and HEX people. Well played. Seriously. Genius PR move.

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