So today I learned about a cool new website. I think y’all might know I’m totally PFLAG around here. A couple of guys have started a website, with a most excellent domain name – Unicornbooty.com – dedicated to highlighting companies that are gay friendly. Sometimes you can vote with your wallet and these guys are making it easy to do so.

PLUS, they have giveaways. For example, today they’re raffling off 50 codes for the Smule iPhone Glee app (which is totally fun by the way).

And they give away 10% of their proceeds to charities.

So head on over to Unicorn Booty and check it out. They have a daily email list to notify you of the day’s business/giveaway.

Also, watch the Glee video today. It’s totally adorable. Also? I want that blow up unicorn they have.

Unicorn Booty logo