Weekend Update

I realized I haven’t done a life type update in awhile so here goes…

Saturday was a busy day – a “three bay” day in fact. Started with a trip up to Oakland to see the Chicago White Sox play the Oakland A’s. I tried out my new, super cheap, sunglasses that I ordered from Zenni Optical. Can I tell you how exciting $30 prescription sunglasses are?


Anyway, the game. The sad/cool thing about Oakland games is that they don’t sell out and really good seats are really, really cheap. As a gal who grew up in St. Louis, this blows my mind. The seats we were in run for more than $200 in St. Louis. We paid less than $50. Check this out – 17th row.

Oakland A's

We went to see the Sox. They were AWFUL. The first two innings took a good hour to play – because neither team was playing all that well. We left early – at about 4:30 – which was only the 8th inning (the game started at 1). The Sox lost 10-2. But the weather was gorgeous and I got a bit of a tan.

Then we headed home, got washed up, turned around and headed up to hear the Redwood Symphony. It was a nice program of Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky. One of my husband’s co-workers plays cello in the symphony so we go to support him. But the symphony is quite good for an all volunteer group and they generally have a nice program selection.

Sat on the couch and started to catch up on the backlog of Doctor Who episodes we have saved.

Sunday, hit the office with my hubby. His new office is really very nice. I wanna live in it. He had work to do, I needed to homework. I’ve started taking a class thru UCSC to beef up my resume and work my brain. Homework is HARD you guys. I haven’t done it in 12 or so years. My brain hurts. But I got an A on my first quiz so I guess it’s coming back to me. There’s less vodka than I remembered though. 😉 After work, Greek food and a movie (The Girl Who Played With Fire).

All in all, a pretty nice weekend. And it was nice to see my husband’s face – he’s been working a lot so we’ve not been together much this week.

How about you? Anything fun this weekend?

No Diet For Me!

In college, the first thing I’d do many mornings is crack open a can of Diet Pepsi. That sweet metallic taste got my blood moving in the mornings. Or afternoons, depending on when I got up. I gave up on diet sodas a while ago. I’d read a number of articles linking aspartame to cancer and other bad things. And other articles that said that the human body has an easier time digesting normal sugars rather than artificial sweetners. Now I don’t drink much soda at all. Go weight loss!

The other day I stumbled across this article on Huffington Post about the new name for aspartame – AminoSweet! That’s totally natural and healthy, right? Read the article. It’s pretty interesting.