Dear AT&T (Again)

While I guess it’s kind of nice that you sent me a free SMS to tell me that my phone bill had been paid (?), it would have been super cool if that SMS hadn’t come in at 4:44 this morning. And then if that text message hadn’t also been sent to my husband’s phone, 15 minutes later. You know my area code and billing address so it’s not like you didn’t know what time it was. Jerks.

Tired and cranky since I’ve been up since 4 something,

3 thoughts on “Dear AT&T (Again)”

  1. I’ve learned to turn my phone to alarm only overnight. Too many of my friends like to text me in the middle of the night when they’ve been drinking. Those bastards.

  2. Kim – It was in the living room! I usually put it on silent but forgot. Hubby though, he’s kind of on call so we have to have his phone on and in the bedroom.

    Maggie – I wish my phone would go silent for everything except the actual ringer. I generally don’t bring it into the bedroom at all now.

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