Imogen Heap Rocked My Cold World

Last night hubby and I had a date night – dinner and Imogen Heap live at the Mountain Winery. We were pretty stoked – we both dig Imogen and the winery looked like a nice and fun venue to see a show at. Earlier in the week I’d gotten an email about dining options so I made us a reservation on the Winery Deck as their menu looked yummy.

So we trek up the mountain (no kidding) and get out of the car and it’s windy and COLD. Unexpected. I’d read a bunch of reviews and everyone talked about how nice the temps were and all that. Turns out it was freakishly windy and cold – to the point where the staff had to scramble to pull the usual outdoor dining inside. We were glad we’d thought to bring jackets.

So here’s the view from the winery walkway. Gorgeous, right?
Winery mountain view

We find the dinner place, get seated, and go to town on ordering off the menu. Course 1: mixed greens salad with raspberries for me, the melon and prosciutto for him. Course 2: The Steak and Pommes Frittes for him, the Roasted Half Chicken with Provence Herb Butter for me (yum and MASSIVE) Course 3: Crepes Suzette for him and Chocolate Profiterole for me. A note about the dessert. The whole meal was delicious and lovely. But look at this profiterole:

profiterole of the gods

Okay A: there were chocolate chips mixed in with the cream filling. B: usually when it’s “drizzled” with sauces it’s totally weak. This was drowning in an orgy of chocolate and raspberry sauces. SO. GOOD. And fresh raspberries and blackberries on the side to dip in the chocolate. OM NOM NOM.

So yeah, we liked the dinner. Then on to the show. Here’s what the place looked like:

Pretty! But soooo cold. I’m going to guess that, with the wind, it was in the 40 degrees range – at one point I was fogging my glasses with my breath. When the wind wasn’t blowing I was quite comfy.

Here’s a shot of the stage, before dark, with one of the openers:


Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see Imogen live, go. She’s quite good and very entertaining. She did one bit with 2 ladies from the audience – they’d auditioned via the internet. She improved a piece – the audience gave her a key (C#) and then someone gave an impromptu bit of melody and she came up with a tune. The tune will go up for sale and all proceeds benefit a local area charity.
So that was cool. She played songs that people had voted for online so it was a nice mix of the “big” songs and some older more obscure songs. She is a big tech DIY girl and she talked about some of the stuff they were using. It was kinda cool to watch her bounce around from piano to drums to weird harmonizer to funky thing she played with a bow. One dude played a saw. It was good.

Oh, I must say, I was surprised by how hard she rocked some of the songs. Heavy wailing guitar with a band and it sounded GREAT. Also? Immi can totally rock the glittery white keytar and white sunglasses.

Immi on Keytar

(That keytar image is from here.)

I didn’t bring the smaller camera because I thought they’d pitch a fit about it so I have a few more kinda ok snaps up on Flickr.

Anyway, here’s an Imogen tune that we heard live. She’s good stuff.

Imogen Heap – Headlock

All in all, we had a good time. Except for the obnoxious, drunk, older British man in front of us. We wanted to deck him.

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