A Cultured Post

I’m not just a girl who loves zombies, octopi, and geeky things. I’m real classy too. Here’s a list of some cultured things that have got me geared up lately.

Ricky Martin is going to Broadway – in a revival of Evita! Couldn’t be worse that Antonio Banderas, am I right?

An early review of Julie Taymor’s film version of The Tempest, starring the DELICIOUS Helen Mirren is pretty darn good. Can’t wait to see this in December!

I really really really want to see Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Undead. Three trailers here. 1. Vampires doing Hamlet 2. RALPH MACCHIO 3. Need I say more? It seems to be limited screenings so I might have to wait for a DVD but we’ll see.

Some more news on Roland “Blow The World Up” Emmerich’s Shakespeare film. It sounds… interesting?


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