Dear AT&T

I really like my iPhone, I really do. I want one of the new ones. But it would be really, really, REALLY nice if, in my apartment, the phone WOULD RING. And then, if it doesn’t ring, when I get the voicemail alert, if I could, you know, RETRIEVE SAID VOICEMAIL, that would be super too.



4 thoughts on “Dear AT&T”

  1. Hahaha, awww. I really want to move out of the hellhole I am stuck in, and I sometimes worry that I won’t have any signal in my future dream place (when I find it!).

  2. Yeah….I’m learning the Bay Area is hit and miss on the whole reception thing. I really love that I can’t get a phone call or retrieve a voicemail at work.

  3. Tiffany – Heh. Do you have roomies now?

    Adam – Yeppers. It both kills and amuses me that I live in SILICON FREAKING VALLEY and have the WORST phone and internet service. I mean really. I’ve even had problems in Cupertino – if I were AT&T I’d make sure that there’d be good coverage anywhere that Steve Jobs might be, cuz, you know.

  4. It’s not just the Bay Area – I get zero bars in my Chicago home too. Today’s mission: figuring out how to make Google Voice play nice with my iPhone. 🙂

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