About the Oil Spill

I don’t often get serious around here preferring to keep it light since there’s a world full of tragedy and it’s easy to find on the internet.

However… I’ve been following the BP oil leak and just this morning ran across this article on Newsweek with anecdotal evidence that BP is deliberately keeping photographers/photojournalists out so as to control the spin and clamp down on nasty images that could come out of the gulf. And that kinda pissed me off so… here are a bunch of links to articles and photos of the BP oil spill for you.

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture has a spread of heartwrenching images of oil covered birds.

oil covered bird

The New York Times’ photos from readers. Two images that lept out at me – the one with all the dead fish, and the beautiful prayer line.

G4 TV’s Kevin Pereira has arrived in the Gulf and he’s helping get the story and is doing some clean up. He’s put some photos up on Flickr today.

The Huffington Post has an interesting (a bit older) piece on the subject.

Incidentally, director James Cameron recently had some harsh words on the subject.


2 thoughts on “About the Oil Spill”

  1. It’s definitely heartbreaking. These shots with wildlife are like a slap in the face.
    And wow, kudos to Kevin Pereira for reporting about it. I only thought of him as tech reporter. *embarrassed*

  2. Tiffany – He is pretty much just a tech reporter. But last week he got pissed off and starting talking on Twitter about the clean up and booked a flight and so on. Kudos to him.

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