Live from LA!

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend the live broadcast of the American Idol finale. Being married to my husband is always nice but some days have perks. He went last year but this was my first time. I’m not an Idol fan so I’m not nearly as rabid as the girls behind me but i dig music and spectacles so i have been looking forward to this.

Actor Glen Morshower (IMDB him – you will recognize him) was seated directly in front of me. I could have reached forward and rubbed his fuzzy head. Next to him and his wife were some of the Bowersox clan and boy are they rooting for her! It was pretty neat. Saw some old Idols (Castro and I think a guy named Scott MacIntyre) but have been told that tomorrow night i should keep my eyes open. We are invited to a pre-party overlooking the red carpet so that will be fun.

Anyway, I had not heard either Idol before tonight and with no background here was my impression. Lee has a very nice voice but was very nervous and isn’t a performer. Crystal nailed it. Her Joplin was stellar and she could work the crowd.

The audience seemed very pro-Lee. I was disturbed by the number of “Cougars for Lee” signs. I mean really.

One thing to note, there are no cameras or cell phones allowed so no pics from me. Booooo. Tomorrow should be more fun with the secret performers so tune in tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Live from LA!”

  1. I’ve never seen Idol. No wait… that’s not true…. I saw the first 10 minutes of the first ever episode and knew immediately that this show would drive me up the wall. So, I have no idea who the people are that you’re writing about. And I’m happy to leave it that way. 😉

  2. *LAUGH* The finale is all about random celeb performances so when we got tickets I was raring to go. Janet Jackson! The Bee Gees! Brett Michael! Michael McDonald? Random lineup. But very fun.

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