MakerFaire 2010

Since I couldn’t get out to the funeral in Tennessee, we decided to hit MakerFaire in San Mateo to perk me up a bit. Fresh air, cool breezes, killer robots, sunshine, and fire breathing dragons are always a pick-me-up.

MakerFaire is a crafts fair for the geeky. It celebrates do-it-yourself-ism and recycling and letting your geek out. Even the traditional needlecrafts are geeky – a felt your own cthulu kit is the norm. Needless to say, we enjoyed it. I uploaded some pictures to my Flickr account here for you to sample the fair yourself.

Black sun


Firey robot killing machine

And my husband got me a really nice pin.

Octopus pin

Today it’s hockey and Lost. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

2 thoughts on “MakerFaire 2010”

  1. I really want a UFO lamp for my bedroom. Think they come in small sizes?

    Also, sorry to hear about your grandmother, but we both know she’s in a better place now.

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