Yet Another Mistress

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ mistress, makes her first big appearance on Oprah today. The AP has a sneak peek summary.

Hunter said John Edwards was “very gracious” when he found out she was pregnant, but that it happened at the wrong time. She said the couple didn’t use birth control.
“He was married to someone else,” Hunter said. “He’s in the middle of running for the presidency. It’s not great timing.”

Seriously? No birth control? At all? Ever? *bangs head on desk* What’s with cheating cheaters not wrapping it up lately? Ladies and gents, they have this nifty thing called CONDOMS. They protect you from diseases and babies. If you’re cheating and don’t want to get caught, I urge you to look into this newfangled technology. Idiots.

I’m so not watching this interview. I’m so over mistresses claiming they’re innocent and so misunderstood. And I’m so over men claiming sex addiction. Done, done done.

Here’s a picture of a really cute puppy to make you less irritated by these shenanigans. It worked for me after reading the article.

puppy says hi