Hawaii Recap – Maui Day 1

I’ve already blogged about our kind of hellacious arrival into Hawaii. So let’s move on to our first day on the gorgeous island of Maui. I’d rented us a condo style unit on the west side of the island. The rooms looked ok and were a good price. We wanted a kitchen to cook some of our own meals (cheaper, healthier) and thought a condo style set up might be a nice way to spend a vacation. It can be hard to tell from websites though. We were both kind of floored by how nice the room was when we walked in.



And our beach was so nice that we had rainbows over it.


I mean seriously, look at this beach:

Kanapalli Beach

So we spent most of our first day getting settled and exploring our new “home.” Being chill is what Hawaii is all about.

Tomorrow… whale watching and Lahaina!