Traveling Fun

Today my husband and I departed for a lovely, restful vacation. Except it kind of hasn’t been so far. Let me show you some with pictures. The take off was good. We got to re-assign our seats so we ended up sitting together – yay. Everything was going along peachy keen and about 3 hours into it and everything seemed like it would be hunky dory.

plane, clouds

That looks pretty, right? Gentle fluffy clouds?

WRONG. It started to get a little bumpy. And then it got a LOT bumpy. And, while I felt like it was an eternity, it was probably more like 90 minutes. And let me explain, I used to have serious motion sickness problems, so I was not in a good place. But it was going ok. Until the pilot explained we were hitting the jet stream and yadda yadda we’re going to try a new altitude. And then it was 15 minutes of PAIN. And then I made a new friend!

barf bag

Yeah. So that happened. Then my tummy had nothing to be angry about so it got better. And eventually we landed. And stood on solid ground. And all was right with the world.


We de-planed to find out that the airline had “misplaced” my suitcase. The suitcase with all the toiletries and, you know, all my clothes. And shoes. And swimsuit. And underwear. *sigh* In fact, they couldn’t even pull up a record of the bag. Hooray! Our guess is that it’s stuck in our home airport somewhere.

So… we got to the hotel, checked in, and decided to hit a mall for some essentials.

Essentials here:

Mai Tai Bar!

Yes, that’s right, the mall has a Mai Tai Bar. Best. Mall. Ever. (Despite being run by GGP.)

Pina Colada

Pina Colada with mango swirls? Yes please.

Then we shopped. I obtained underwear and a few essentials.

Then we hopped the bus back and on the bus I got a voicemail from the airlines saying they found my bag. It would be picked up for delivery at 5pm.

*sigh* But yay! At 6:30 I get a call from the airlines saying that no, for real, it’s on the way over. He’s pretty sure it’s my bag. Pretty sure. At 7:10 the courier shows up. We’re within walking distance of the airport but whatever. But it’s for sure MY BAG!

I figured out the problem though. My bag’s claim ticket number is 26669. Yep, 666. Figures.

And now we dine and then collapse and fly off to another location tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us!

Coolest Creature on the Planet?

A friend and I have a running battle – sharks versus octopi. She thinks octopi are untrustworthy. I think they are awesome. This video might prove both.

octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it’s Recording) from Victor Huang on Vimeo.

Incidentally, I LOVE the song. It’s up for free download here. I”m also seriously thinking about ordering one of these for my laptop.

We’re headed off to vacation soon. I hope to go snorkeling for the first time. As much as I think they’re cool animals, I would FREAK OUT if an octopus ran up and mugged me like that. Keeping my fingers crossed that turtles are the biggest things I encounter in the water.