Quick Recap

I’ve been meaning to post a quick recap of some personal stuff. We had a fun Easter weekend at home after a brutal week of work for my husband. We took a friend to see Point Break: LIVE! on Saturday night. Our evening’s Keanu was pretty good. If you’re in the Bay Area you should check the show out. It’s about 3 hours of entertainment, Keanu is cast from the audience every night, and they do have a liquor license. They’re now playing at the Metreon right in the middle of downtown and the venue is much nicer than its old digs. Woot.

We spent Easter Sunday at WonderCon. I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t take tons of photos, but I uploaded a few to flickr.

Victorian lady

We walked around, took in the sights, did some shopping, but mostly hung out to see the Chuck panel. They are all super cute. And I love, love, love that show. If you’re not watching it, you should.

Spent this weekend with my man. Saw Clash of the Titans. I pretty much want to yell “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” all the time now. Also had a Castle marathon and caught up on being lazy as it was a rainy, grey weekend.

I’ve also been working out, eating well, and generally trying to be healthy thanks to my scary Russian doctor lady who I think will beat me if some test results don’t improve by the next time I see her. Nothing huge but I’ve decided that since I’ve got lots of free time, I should be an adult and get myself all lean and mean again. On a related note, being a grown up sucks.

This week will be spent doing birthday related things (there are 3 in the family coming up), vacation packing, and clearing off the to do list.

Happy Monday all!