Geeky linky links

Twitter is buying Tweetie to make it free and official. Dang.

I got an iPad last weekend and it’s sexlicious. If you want to know anything about the iPad, holla.

Star Trek geeks – if you have tons of money, you can buy pieces of the franchise from an auction of the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience exhibit.

Netflix has agreed to first run movie delays from two more studios.

Unrelated, we started watching Castle and it’s adorable. Yay for Nathan Fillion being all Nathan-y.

2 thoughts on “Geeky linky links”

  1. Seriously? You got and iPad? You lucky one. I’m happy with my touch for now, but I can understand the allure of the iPad.

    And you JUST started watching Castle? What is wrong with you two? Castle is so much fun and a must see to any Firefly fan. Watch for all of his references to Firefly, they are there. 😉

  2. I did. 🙂 There’s a story but the short version is that it was supposed to be hubby’s (of course) and now it’s not. Woot. 🙂

    We’d seen an episode of Castle before and then I saw one at mom’s recently. We don’t watch much “live” TV so we just never really got into it. It’s entertaining. We should be caught up shortly. The one episode that we saw together was the Halloween episode in his Mal costume. LOVED it.

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