Link Roundup

I’m still feeling kinda crappy. My stupid body has failed to realize that I AM THE BOSS!

Anyway, a couple of links to things I read this week while feeling poorly.

1. I have always always hated Nicholas Sparks. And now I have a reason better than “cuz his books suck.” And it’s “because he’s a self-centered jerk.”

2. I have decided that I kinda like Sam Worthington. Oh hell, he’s a hot Aussie actor. Of course I like him.

3. I’ve been watching a lot of Arrested Development this week. I’m not saying it can cure the common flu. I’m just saying it was genius and FOX shouldn’t have cancelled it. This cracks me up every time, thanks to some old co-workers who used to do this around me at work.

Ok, back to lying around on the couch.