Rockford Files Reboot

I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile but keep putting it off. But something popped up today that brings me to talk about it so here goes. I keep seeing rumblings about a redo of the old television series The Rockford Files. You remember that show? Mid-1970s to early 1980s. Starring James Gardner as a private eye. A couple of weeks ago I read that Dermot Mulroney (the kinda handsome guy from My Best Friend’s Wedding among other things) has been cast as Jim Rockford. And today it comes out that Alan Tudyk (WASH!) who I dig just signed on too.

I remember watching re-runs of this show. I swear it was one of those shows that re-ran for years, alongside Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Was anyone (besides maybe my mom) clamoring for a do-over of this show? Because there aren’t enough crime/cop type shows on TV these days? Also, I don’t know that Dermot can replace Jim Garner. He was pretty effortless in the role. I like Dermot just fine but I dunno. The whole thing seems unnecessary to me. Plus, they won’t have Jim’s rockin’ 70’s jackets.

Anyone jazzed up to see this thing?

Jim Rockford


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