Self centered much?

Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for taking her name in vain.

Lindsay Lohan has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit over an advert which allegedly used her name and parodied her life for profit. The Mean Girls actress is seeking $100 million (£66.7 million) in damages and compensation over the commercial for financial firm E-Trade, which depicts a baby girl called Lindsay as a boyfriend stealer and a “milkaholic”, reports the New York Post.

The commercial shows a baby boy playing the stock market and apologising to his girlfriend for not calling her the night before. The baby girl then gets suspicious about a rival female baby, referring to her as “that milkaholic Lindsay”.

Lohan filed a lawsuit on Monday at Nassau County Supreme Court over the advert, which debuted on U.S. TV during the Super Bowl last month.

The actress’ lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, claims Lohan’s first name is just as recognisable as other single-word monikers, used by stars such as Madonna and Cher.

Ovadia says, “Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit. They used the name Lindsay. They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

The lawyer alleges company bosses used Lohan’s “name and characterisation” without paying her or asking for her approval, thus violating her rights. Ovadia also insists the company has earned large profits from the promo because it would have been seen by millions of TV viewers watching the Super Bowl.

But chiefs at the advertising firm which created the commercial for E-Trade are dismissing the claims, insisting they chose the name Lindsay at random.

Chris Brown, a spokesperson for the Grey Group, says they “just used a popular baby name that happened to be the name of someone on the account team.”

Lohan is seeking $50 million (£33 million) in exemplary damages, as well as $50 million (£33 million) in compensation.

SERIOUSLY Lindsay? I know you’re not working because, well, you look like an old Florida grandmother and you’re just a trainwreck right now but come on. She used to be adorable and funny and then went off the rails. It doesn’t help that her parents are flat out awful, I know, but this suit is both pathetic and ridiculous. Tina Fey will be so disappointed in you, Lohan.


2 thoughts on “Self centered much?”

  1. I’m pretty sure that little girl baby that pops in at the end of the commercial is the “Lindsay” that the babies are talking about.

    Is the judge allowed to just throw the case file at the lawyers?

    Also, I like how they suggest using Susan. Can you think of any famous people named Susan? Yeah. Try coming up with a name that doesn’t have a corresponding celebrity.

    And finally – $100 million? Really? I’d like to see the calculations behind that one.

  2. Susan Sarandon should sue for thinking about using her name!

    Honestly, it reeks of a “look at me! look at me! I’m in the news!” ploy combined with a mad cash grab by a shady lawyer. I hope E-Trade socks it to them.

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