Raise Your Hands for Hump Day!

I heard this at the Sharks game the other day and realized it had been eons since I’d heard it – because I do not own it. How did this happen? How is it not on Cross Road, their Greatest Hits type album? I mean, it’s in Spaceballs for cryin’ out loud!

So while I’m off to investigate my iTunes library because I swear I own Slippery When Wet and it’s NOT THERE (TRAVESTY!), here’s a live performance of Raise Your Hands by Bon Jovi for your Hump Day.

Dreaming of Vacation

My husband and I are going away on a vacation in a few weeks. You know, cuz I work so hard and I need the time off. Actually, it’s more for him to get some time off work and me to actually get to see his face. Anyway, I’m doing a little pre-packing and need some input. Read anything good lately? I need to load up the Kindle for the flight and plan to spend some time on the beach doing a whole lot of drinking of Mai Tais and reading and generally soaking it all in.

Maui beach

(Go ahead, hate me, it’s ok.)

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Don’t know who Ada Lovelace is? Yeah I didn’t either till kind of recently. Here’s the deal. Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. Geek girrrls unite!

From the Finding Ada website:

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was born on 10th December 1815, the only child of Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella. Born Augusta Ada Byron, but now known simply as Ada Lovelace, she wrote the world’s first computer programmes for the Analytical Engine, a general-purpose machine that Charles Babbage had invented.

Ada had been taught mathematics from a very young age by her mother and met Babbage in 1833. Ten years later she translated Luigi Menabrea’s memoir on Babbage’s Analytical Engine, appending notes that included a method for calculating Bernoulli numbers with the machine – the first computer programme. The calculations were never carried out, as the machine was never built. She also wrote the very first description of a computer and of software.

Understanding that computers could do a lot more than just crunch numbers, Ada suggested that the Analytical Engine “might compose elaborate and scientific pieces of music of any degree of complexity or extent.” She never had the chance to fully explore the possibilities of either Babbage’s inventions or her own understanding of computing. She died, aged only 36, on 27th November 1852, of cancer and bloodletting by her physicians.

Anyway, Ada was a cool chick and it’s sad that I knew about Babbage but had no idea about Ada. Go to the Finding Ada site and see what it’s all about. It’s time the ladies got repped a little better for their contributions.

A law was made a distant moon ago here

Yesterday afternoon I watched the first episode and a half of Starz’s show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. As a girl who studied Latin for 6 years and who also loves Xena: Warrior Princess and all things Sam Raimi I found it to be ridiculously, hilariously, funny. The gore is so over the top. So is the sex. Needless to say I’m going to be tearing thru the rest of the episodes sometime soon.

Then this morning I read that Starz is going to work on a “contemporary Camelot” series. From the press:

Slated to premiere in first-half 2011, the 10-episode “Camelot” uses Thomas Malory’s 15th-century compilation “Le Morte d’Arthur,” often considered the definitive work on the legend of King Arthur, as a starting point for an updated take on the tale.

“The story of Arthur isn’t history, it’s mythology, and Camelot isn’t a place but an idea of hope that has resonated at different times throughout history,” Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht said.

The goal is “to tell the universal story of Camelot on a global scale,” he said.

The project will have a producing team that encompasses four countries — the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Canada — and is led by Oscar-winning producer Graham King (“The Departed”) and “The Tudors” masterminds Morgan O’Sullivan and Michael Hirst.

Described as a romantic adventure series, “Camelot” is being written by British TV scribe Chris Chibnall (“Torchwood”).

Albrecht has made ramping up original production a priority at Starz, with a focus on costume dramas.

He called “Camelot” “a highly entertaining and distinctly original TV program that fits in perfectly with our lineup.” That includes the breakout original hit “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” the returning comedy “Party Down” and the recently acquired eight-part miniseries based on Ken Follett’s “The Pillars of the Earth.”

Oh hell yes please. Some people like their trashy soap operas. Others like trashy “reality” TV shows. Me? I’ll take trashy historical costume dramas with Lucy Lawless any day of the week. SPARTACUS! *giggles*

Lucy Lawless

Book Mashups

There’s been a trend in books recently that I find hilarious, and that’s book mashups. The first was Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Elizabeth Bennet as a ninja zombie killer? Yes please. This was quickly followed up with Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters. I’m pretty sure that will be my next Kindle purchase. My husband just picked up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, by the same author that wrote Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Before he freed us from slavery, honest Abe freed us from vampires.

The one that caught my eye today? Night of the Living Trekkies.

If these sound like something up your alley, check out the publisher, Quirk Books. They’re the people responsible for all these titles and some other fun books too. They also have craft books to learn how to do things like crochet a ninja, which I totally want to do now. How cute is this?

crocheted ninja

3 Tidbits

I was travelling this week so I missed my hump day post. Sorry sorry sorry! I was out watching drunk Irish with my mom. I promise to make it up to you next week.

In the meantime, three quick things I saw while skimming the news this week.

1. There’s a remake of the Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn film Overboard in the works. Starring Jennifer Lopez. Seriously? This is not a good movie. I caught it recently, for the first time in ages. It’s… not nice. Really?

2. FOX is developing an American version of Torchwood. This seems bizarre to me as the story is so closely tied to Doctor Who, which is not coming over. Also, John Barrowman is flat out delicious.

3. Ian McEwan’s book Atonement, which was also put on film, is now being turned into an opera. I really wanted to like the film but I didn’t. Except for Keira’s green dress which I ADORED. Anyone really dying to see this as an opera?

Ok, hubby’s coming home for lunch so off I go. Happy Friday!

Rockford Files Reboot

I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile but keep putting it off. But something popped up today that brings me to talk about it so here goes. I keep seeing rumblings about a redo of the old television series The Rockford Files. You remember that show? Mid-1970s to early 1980s. Starring James Gardner as a private eye. A couple of weeks ago I read that Dermot Mulroney (the kinda handsome guy from My Best Friend’s Wedding among other things) has been cast as Jim Rockford. And today it comes out that Alan Tudyk (WASH!) who I dig just signed on too.

I remember watching re-runs of this show. I swear it was one of those shows that re-ran for years, alongside Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Was anyone (besides maybe my mom) clamoring for a do-over of this show? Because there aren’t enough crime/cop type shows on TV these days? Also, I don’t know that Dermot can replace Jim Garner. He was pretty effortless in the role. I like Dermot just fine but I dunno. The whole thing seems unnecessary to me. Plus, they won’t have Jim’s rockin’ 70’s jackets.

Anyone jazzed up to see this thing?

Jim Rockford