News I Can’t Wrap My Brain Around

There have been a couple of things in the news this week that I just can’t understand.

1. The US Supreme Court’s ruling on corporate campaign spending just kind of blows my mind. I mean, really?

2. The California Proposition 8 Supreme Court hearing is going on – that’s the one to review the legality of the ban on gay marriages in California. I’ve been following this because I believe it’s an important civil rights issue. During the trial the following happened:

During an afternoon of scathing inquiry from prominent plaintiffs’ attorney David Boies, William Tam, a controversial figure in the Proposition 8 movement, was confronted repeatedly on views depicted as hostile to the rights of gays and lesbians. Tam testified he likened same-sex marriage to pedophilia, polygamy and legalizing sex with children, and that California would fall into the “hands of Satan” if same-sex couples could wed.


3. Everything coming out of Haiti.

4. The weather reports out here in California. I have seen hail here, people! And I had plans for this weekend and next week that didn’t involve torrential rains!

But to end on a funny note, here’s Doctor Laura and Canadians as house slaves, thanks to some witty Facebook theatre lady friends of mine.


5 thoughts on “News I Can’t Wrap My Brain Around”

  1. Dear Sirs :

    I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that anybody is so dumb as to equate ” The Gay Movement / Gay Marriage ” to The Civil Rights Movement” of Dr. Kings.

    How insulting.


  2. I thought California “was” Hell already.

    And I wonder why we can’t own Canadians? I have a neighbor from Toronto that I hear is a wiz at refinishing exterior front doors. Maybe I need to smite his Jewish wife first.

  3. Spaced Teacher – Wow you’re wrong, in so many ways. Civil rights literally means the rights of the citizen. The suffragette movement was a civli rights movement, Dr. King’s movement was indeed a civil rights movement, and yes, a compelling argument can be made that the current gay rights movement is also a civil rights movement. A minority group is being treated differently under the law.

    And I don’t presume to know his mind, but Dr. King was strongly in favor of love, not hate. Read his “Strength to Love” speech. I think it’s applicable.

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