Dirty naughty puppets

I finally got to see Avenue Q live and on stage and hoo boy was it fun.

Avenue Q stage

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s Sesame Street style puppets singing. But they’re not for kids. One of the big songs from the show is called “The Internet is for Porn” and it’s side-splittingly funny.

I’d only ever listened to the cast album so I had no idea that the Bad Idea Bears existed and they cracked me up. I’m pretty sure I live with and am friends with a few Bad Idea Bears of my own, but that’s another story.

Bad idea bears

The theatre hosting the road show was in downtown San Jose at the San Jose Center for the Performing arts and was really quite lovely in a 1970s kind of a way. And they have a brilliant idea. If you buy one of their sippy cups, you can take it into the theater with you. Genius. Why haven’t more theaters come up with this?

After the show we walked around downtown to grab some dessert and drinks. We ended up at A Perfect Finish and had yummy stuff.

Moussecake and port

All in all a lovely Saturday night!


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