In Which I Commit Spousal Abuse

For the past few weeks I have been having REALLY vivid dreams, and I don’t often have vivid dreams. They’re often influenced by television or books or things I’ve done throughout the day lately too. Last night, in the middle of the night, I was having a weird dream where I was being kidnapped by the huge guy who picked me up and his hands were wandering where they shouldn’t be. So I fought back. Wound up and gave him a good jab in the nose and then the throat so he’d drop me. Except it turns out that I actually wound up and punched my slumbering husband, square in the back. Which woke me up with a shout as my dreaming body wasn’t expecting to actually make contact with something solid. It also woke my husband up with a shout, who unconsciously retaliated by throwing his right elbow out, toward my not quite awake face.

We are such a loving couple, aren’t we?

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