Content Providers are the new Ma Bell

Two interesting tidbits from the world of content providers.

1. The Department of Justice will be taking a look at the proposed merger between Comcast and NBC. I really don’t like the idea of my cable company/ISP owning one of the over the air big networks and production companies.

2. Netflix has struck an agreement with Warner Brothers to not rent new release films for the first 28 days after the DVD/Blu-Ray release of WB films. This is intended to boost sales of new release titles for Warner Brothers. I’m wondering if that really will help them make more sales.

Thoughts? Does this make you re-think your Netflix plan?


2 thoughts on “Content Providers are the new Ma Bell”

  1. The last “new release” I got from Netflix was Wolverine and that was about 6 months after it came out. I think it’s idiotic what the movie companies are doing (I’m assuming they’re basically forcing Netflix’s hand in this), but it’s not really going to affect me. My queue is full. Literally. I cannot add any more movies to it.

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