Wired’s Top Stories of 2009

I know I’m a couple of days late on this, but Wired had a cool list of the most popular sciencey stories of 2009. Which really just gives me an excuse for posting this picture of the ugliest shark I’ve ever seen:

Ugly shark

and a picture of the Vibram FIve Finger shoes, which continue to creep me out.

VIbram shoes

There’s also a refresher on the cool mathematical model for surviving a zombie attack so check out the whole list.

3 thoughts on “Wired’s Top Stories of 2009”

  1. Emily – I can see that. Probably grippy for the water.

    Craig – Yep. Better than *shudder* Crocs.

    I have a good friend with a pair and he loves them. They still creep me out though.

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