3 thoughts on “ABOMINATION!”

  1. I beg to differ. Points in favor: 1. Remember the Name makes everything cool, 2. Jaden is a pretty good actor, 3. How can you hate on Jackie Chan? 4. Star Wars reference (and an apt one at that)

    I think this could be as long as there’s someone who says “Sweep the leg, Johnny”

  2. This is going to be awful.

    #1 How believable is it that a family from the ‘Hood moves to CHINA?

    #2 Looks like the KARATE Kid is learning Kung Fu, not Karate. Karate is Japanese (Okinawa, actually) while Jackie Chan is teaching Jaden Smith Kung Fu.

    So it should be called Kung Fu Kid.

    * Pat Morita is doing the crane in his grave.

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