Thanksgiving For One

My husband’s a cushy salary man who’s in a not-as-busy time at work, while I’m a lowly contractor who supports retail stores. Ergo, he’s allowed to take time off this week and I’m not. So he’s on vacation in the mid-west visiting his parents, siblings, and various high school and college friends. And stuffing his face with turkey. I mean, it’s Tuesday and he’s already had four, yes I said FOUR, meals of turkey. Am I bitter? Not really. Except for the bit about the turkey. I love Thanksgiving feast turkey. With the cheapest can of cranberries possible. If you can’t see the aluminum can rings, I don’t want ’em.

Anyway, I’ll be home alone on Thursday, and I’m ok with that. You know why? It’s directly related to what I’m thankful for. And that’s the right to NOT WEAR PANTS. See, this Thanksgiving I’m declaring it to be pants-free Thursday. While all you suckers are having to deal with family and stuffing yourself and being all jolly and polite, I’ll be at home, un-showered, sleeping, and generally not wearing pants. And eating things like white cheddar popcorn. And drinking things like homemade sangria.


Happy Thanksgiving all!

white cheddar popcorn pic sangria pic no pants icon

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving For One”

  1. You should know I find this sentence hilarious: If you can’t see the aluminum can rings, I don’t want ‘em. That’s a good one.

    And hooray for no pants!

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