Shiny New Toy

My husband’s kind of on a roll with pleasing the ladies today.

He got my co-worker, “The Hurricane,” one of these to rock the warehouse:

Pink toolbelt

I admit, I’m jealous. It’s pretty hot.

He did ok by me though. He got me a shiny new Kindle which is charging up right now!


I’ve been eyeing one for awhile but lately I’ve been browsing some hardcover titles and the pricing is pretty good. There are a lot of public domain books for free. And I like the notion of supporting the publishing industry’s foray into, you know, not dying. Do I think I’ll go completely digital? Probably not. The back catalogue isn’t great and honestly, I love the smell and feel of paper. But I am in love with the notion of having a whole lot of books in my purse, especially while I’m traveling.

Anyone else made the jump into e-readers?

Gotta go read!

4 thoughts on “Shiny New Toy”

  1. Let me know how the Kindle works out for you! Of course, I also need to know how it works with books that come from the old library, since those books are free. If they (the book publishers) started selling ebooks for prices that reflected the fact that they don’t have to, oh I don’t know, print and ship them (!) then maybe there’d be a more significant uptake.

  2. Nels – I TOTALLY agree. That’s one thing that took me so long. However, they’re doing better on pricing. I bought a $25 new release hardback for $10. I think that’s pretty ok pricing. I know that the publishers make a lot of money on the hardbacks so I’m ok with the pricing. I do think that Amazon needs to get the cost of paperbacks down. And I’d love to see a bigger back catalogue of older stuff.

    I will say, right now I have a number of books on my Kindle and I’ve only shelled out cash for one of them. Several public domain works (Anna Karenina, The PIcture of Dorian Grey, Dracula, etc.) that I’ve been meaning to read are up for free. Several other books (Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Red Mars” for example) have been released by the publishers for free. So that’s pretty cool.

    That said, more than once I’ve looked at a paperback and then looked at the Kindle price and have seen the Kindle price be higher than the paperback. That’s totally lame and needs to be addressed.

    Anyway, so far after one night of reading I’m digging it but we’ll see once the shiny wears off I guess.

  3. I love my Kindle. I had a Sony Reader before, but the KIndle is a huge advance.
    I download the NY times two or three times a week, and other papers as well.
    I have a Nation subscription (35 cents weekly), and a KIndle World Blog subscription . KWB keeps me up to date on latest Kindle news and apps (free).
    I download entire collected works of non-copyrighted work for less than $5.00
    I get to read best sellers right away; most are $10.00. Every once in a while I’ll pay $14.00, but that’s pretty rare.
    I use my Kindle e-mail address to mail myself files that I don’t want to read off the computer.
    On a recent trip to Europe I had all my guidebooks in my Kindle, and my vacation reads. That was so handy!
    I have ten pages of downloads and a lot of stuff archived. I don’t what the capacity is of my Kindle, but it must be huge.
    I have always been an omniverous reader, and now I’m a turbo-reader, thanks to Kindle. Imagine never ever being without something to read! That is great when you travel, because there is always that down time. Now one you could take into the bathtub would be Nirvana!
    I think the new Intenational Kindle will go on sale today. It has wireless capacity for many countries.
    Did I mention that I love my Kindle????!

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