Sunday Night Fun Fact That Just BLEW MY MIND

I am home alone this weekend because my husband is working like the rockstar that he is. I had the TV on for much of the day while I did chores and was tuned in to USA all day long because they were running a Law & Order: SVU Emmy winning marathon (damn them!). Anyway, at some point in the day a commercial caught my eye.

Tomorrow night on USA, BOB BARKER is guest hosting WWE RAW. Yes, you read that right. “Come on down!” Bob Barker. Hosting. Wrestling. And I think I saw Jeremy Piven in the ad too. Totally bizarre. I did some digging on this whole Bob Barker thing and ran into something amazing, hence the title of this blog post. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Barker, who was trained in martial arts by Chuck Norris and did his own fight scene in the Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore, steps into the ring for the first time. He has the power to shape WWE’s flagship television program Monday Night RAW.

CHUCK NORRIS trained BOB BARKER in martial arts?! What the what? My mind, it is blown.


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