The bad news

My mom called middle of last week with some news. She was rubbing our furry baby’s belly and felt a lump. She took her into the vet and long story short, she had surgery Thursday to remove a decent sized tumor. We’re waiting on biopsy results to come in at the end of this week to see what kind of cancer it is and how aggressive it will be.

Poor Julia’s currently got a drainage tube in her chest and is wearing a “cone of silence” to keep her from chewing at her tube and stitches. My poor mom is saddled with the whole experience. Julia’s bleeding some around the tube so she’s wearing an adult diaper. My mom reports that it’s rather funny to see our big dog, in adult diapers, with a cone on her neck, trying to figure out why she won’t fit thru the doggy door.

The good news is that she’s still really frisky, and still eating like the furry little pig that she is so she’s not showing any signs of illness. I think at this point the plan is to just let her go till she starts to show symptoms. We’ll know more at the end of the week.

Here’s our pretty girl the last time I saw her. She’s curled up on MY bed.

Julia on my bed

Send good wishes to our poor pup!

2 thoughts on “The bad news”

  1. Aw – poor Julia. How old is she?

    I’m imagining her in a diaper and cone… tounge hanging out, knocking things off the coffee table when she wags her tail… 🙂

    Keep us posted on how she’s doing.

  2. Craig – that image is about right I think. 🙂

    She’s 9 or 10 – a rescue so we don’t know for sure. She still acts like a spry puppy though!

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