Bay to Breakers

We got our lazy butts out of bed on Sunday to attend a San Francisco classic – the Bay to Breakers race. Bay to Breakers is a walk/run race that basically starts on on side of San Francisco and ends up on the other side (the bay side to the breakers side, get it?). But what makes it interesting is that people dress up in costumes. Or sometimes wear nothing. And make floats. And drink. Alot. This year I heard that some 65,000 people were registered to run. It was amazing. We’d never been so I got in touch with a friend in the city and made arrangements to hang out. So we ended up breakfast picnicing with many mimosas and donuts in the park facing the famous Painted Ladies. AND I got to play with the doggies! Yay doggies! I snapped a few pictures – no nudity, though honestly, the people you wanted to see nekkid weren’t, but the people who were nekkid hurt your eyes.

Unicorn Posse

More pictures up on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Bay to Breakers”

  1. I love your flickr set. Looks like a fantastic time! I’d love to see something like this…. if I’m ever able to travel again (eventually my credit card is going to max out. yikes!).

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