Update on the dog

I just got a visit from the Animal Control lady. I filled out a written statement to add to the report. She’s going to have to take the dog to quarantine for ten days of observation it sounds like. I just emailed in photos of the damage to my hand and have to do a drive by to get the address. I have a 10 day supply of antibiotics and more soaking of the wound to do. At least life isn’t boring, right?


3 thoughts on “Update on the dog”

  1. When our dog bit my son, they let us quarentine the dog at home, we could only let her out for a bathroom break….. far different circumstances though. Spencer fell on her, and she reacted… a bit different than being attacked by the dog.

    Sorry about the hand, hopefully it will heal up well.

  2. Dave – See, that scenario totally makes sense. This was random dog attacking people on the sidewalk. So, while I feel bad that Animal Control is going to take the dog for a bit, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be attacking people walking on the sidewalk so…

    Emily – I’d initially thought it was a puncture wound because it looked really gross and like a hole. When the doctor cleaned it out I learned a new word – “avulsion.” 🙂 I got a tetanus shot (which, honestly, I wasn’t sad about because every time I cut myself on a dirty sharp at work I think “I should get a tetanus shot sometime soon”) and am on Augmentin. So I feel like bonus – if I have a sinus infection it’s totally going to hit that too. Maybe I should thank the dog? 😉

    Plus, REALLY COOL Batman band-aids twice a day!

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