So because I made Katherine watch all the Rocky movies, I have to play 12 hours of World of Warcraft today. Like Rockyfest, I will be liveblogging this debacle. 🙂

Creating account and downloading. This might take awhile. And I have no mimosas.

10:54am – Ok, I am now a level 1 troll hunter. Female. The word Porn is in my name so that’s what I went with. I’m off to slay some boars.

11:06am – Level 2! First quest complete. Whew.

11:46am – Level 6! I rule.

12:46pm – Level 7. I was told the goal for today was level 8. Suckah! I think it just got bumped up to 20. I’m in the next town now.

1:47pm – Break. Because my bow arm hurts. 😉 Live blog behind because my laptop is still downloading the software and updates while I play on a borrowed machine. Yeah, we’re hardcore.

2:29pm – The taming has begun. Obtained a boar pet. Now a crab pet. booyah.

2:48pm – I have a tiger. I’m keeping this one.

3:37pm – OK kids, I’m on my laptop now. More bloggy!

4:03pm – Learning how to feed and train my pet. Then I run my first instance, whatever that is.

4:08pm – Running my first instance. Basically I kill stuff I think. Rule. (Sidenote, my carpal tunnels are starting to hurt.)

4:48p – Instance complete. Level 15! My tiger, Sigfried, rules.

5:09p – Ok, now I’m going to learn guns. Sweet. Also, I want to learn how to build a mechanical squirrel, because that sounds cool.

5:14p – First profession. I’m learning leathermaking. And skinning. Kinky.

5:28pm – I’m now officially a better fake cook than a real cook.

5:57p – I just did a lot lot of running. But now I’m flying on the back of something weird looking.

6:06p – Sleepy. Hand hurty. Need Slurpee.

7:42pm – Slurpee acquired. Level 16. Now running around Tauren land. DELICIOUS BBQ chicken and mango/avocado salad inhaled.

7:57p – The big kids are going to run an instance way above my paygrade. I’m on my own now. But I have a gun. RUN ZEBRAS RUN!

8:22pm – My first death! I’m doing pretty well. I think I’m level 17 now. I’m starting to feel like the South Park boys on Make Love Not Warcraft though.

9:27pm – WHEW. My husband is arrived. I’m outtie. This was actually fun. I have a few photos coming. Later nerds!


5 thoughts on “WOWFest”

  1. I want more updates! Weapons! Spells! Encounters with Gold farmers!

    Or something…

    But I guess that is the addictive nature of WOW… no time for blog updates…

  2. Yep leatherworking is fun stuff. The female troll has one of the coolest laughs too. Though had you gone with a Tauren druid you’d be on the path to being able to play the best creature in the game. The Moonkin. : )

  3. Endub – Thanks! I will BBQ for you any time!

    Erik – I have a few snaps but I know, lame.

    Mraf – NERD. I learned about Moonkins today. Maybe next character. 😉 Aren’t you off the crack now?

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