Sunday Rocky Recovery

So after the insanity that was Rockyfest we decided we needed to leave the apartment and do something useful. We’re trying to decide if we want to start looking for a new place to live so we’ve been browsing house listings in towns that we want to explore. Yesterday we shopped in Redwood City and San Carlos. And found a crazy nice house just a TAD out of our price range. Check it out. It’s kinda fun pretending that you can afford a million and a half dollar home. I still have a hard time with real estate prices out here. Some of the place we’ve looked at would be MAYBE $300k in St. Louis. Out here? $850k. It hurts my soul. And more to the point, my wallet and retirement plans.

Anyway, I think we’ll be renting awhile longer but it’s fun to shop.

Oh, one more thing, as I said in the Rockyfest post, I am now required to play about 12 hours of World of Warcraft. That’s likely next weekend. Can I do this drunk?


One thought on “Sunday Rocky Recovery”

  1. I think you should definitely do it drunk and live blog that too! If you hadn’t already gotten a sweet job, I’d suggest that you could become a gold farmer, but I’m not sure that pays well enough to get you into the $1.5M price range.

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