Weird dreams

I’ve kind of recently started dreaming. Well, I know that they say that you dream all the time and whatnot but it’s rare for me to remember a dream. Last night I had 2 very distinct dreams that stuck with me.

In the first dream I was stuck on the Lost island with all the Losties. And creepy Ben was kind of hitting on me. But you don’t want to piss creepy Ben off so I kind of went along with it. I don’t remember a whole lot about it but I do remember thinking that the island was friggin gorgeous.

Then I woke up and got sick and came back to bed and passed out.

I had a weird pseudo-family Thanksgiving dream. I was in the south where my dad’s family all lives. But there were tons of animals there. Lots of big furry dogs. But the thing that stuck with me when I woke up was that there was a horse, but it wasn’t a normal horse. It was a conjoined horse. But the two horses grew together so it was super long with a double set of legs in the middle. It was really freaky looking and moved in kind of a creepy way.

I think a dream analyst would tell me that I watch too much TV and hate horses.

Do you have weird and vivid dreams? I should see if the weird and vivid dreams co-relate to my dosing of NyQuil.


7 thoughts on “Weird dreams”

  1. I have very vivid and realistic dreams WAY too often!! Sometimes I wake up and am sorry that the dream wasn’t real as it was going so well. Sometimes I wake up and just lay there and linger in the goodness of the world I just left.

  2. I normally have wierd dreams but I’ve been on a two-month dry spell… would LOVE to see what that conjoined horse looked like… and didn’t a monkey bite your hand off recently? 😉

  3. Val pretty much has a dream she remembers every night. I find it incredible. I have about one a week that I can remember if I think about it right after it happens. Other times I just have the impression of having had a dream, but can’t remember anything about it.

    So, the tandem horse (as I call it) dream was creepy in a horror movie way, but Val frequently (a little too frequently if you ask me) has dreams where someone is trying to kill her. I blame 48 Hours Mystery, but we keep watching it anyway.

  4. I recently had a dream where I was almost in a car accident, except in my dream I was driving this funny scooter hybrid thing. Then just yesterday I almost got into an accident on the 101. Like a really bad scary one that made me cry (and I’m not a crier). It was until later that I realized my dream was freakily similar to the almost car accident.

  5. Kaylen – Welcome! I had a dream once in which I was making out with a hot movie actor and I was BUMMED when my alarm went off.

    Craig – It looked like a really funky camel type thing. And yes, I did have a dream about a hand biting monkey. Stoopit monkey.

    Endub – I swear it’s been ages since I had this many lucid dreams. Funny about the murder dream. I DID have a very obviously Gears of War dream a couple of days after Christmas. Wonder why? 🙂

    Weirdgirl – WOAH. Yeah sometimes it’s obvious that something I saw/did triggered a dream. Those are funky.

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