Brief update

So this week was nutty busy at work. Being a working girl is hard! 🙂 But it’s cool and I’m making some friends and the work’s challenging and requires flexibility and isn’t boring so I feel like returning to being a productive member of society was a good call. Plus, it’s given me an excuse to shop. 😉

My husband surprised me with a “back to work” present a few days ago:

120 GB silver iPod classic

VERY cool. And useful. I’m working in a “warehouse” and I’m alone a couple of days a week so I get to crank up the tunes and rock out. Having the bulk of my music at work is a big win for me.

This morning we had a little couples date with my co-worker and her fiance. We went to see “Monsters vs. Aliens” which was pretty cute. In a couple of days I’m said co-worker to look for a wedding dress for her October wedding. I’m so not a wedding girl, and neither is she, which is kind of the point. I’m her “fend off the crazy bridal employees” wing-woman. 🙂

Husband’s father had a good week, health wise, so that was excellent. We’re planning a quick weekend trip in April to see the family.

Our good pal, who moved out here, sold his house on Friday. Hooray!

Ok, I’m starving so it’s off to make some dinner!