More “new” Shakespeare?

Over the years a few new pieces have been attributed to WIlliam Shakespeare. The man was a prolific writer and often collaborated with other people. Case in point, Edward III, which, if you’re in St. Louis, you can see being performed for the first time in the mid-west this weekend. It’s got a great cast. Go see it.

This week though, an academic claims to have discovered SIX more works that can be attributed to Shakespeare. MORE MORE I say!

4 thoughts on “More “new” Shakespeare?”

  1. It wasn’t the cast, it wasn’t the directing, it wasn’t anything to do w/ SLS’s production… it was the play. Edward III is a bad first draft of Henry V, and I won’t be going to see anybody’s production of it ever again.

  2. Camera – It’s been my experience that the “obscure” Shakespeare plays are generally obscure for a reason. I loved the SLS production of Pericles that I worked on, but that’s a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE script.

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