Laptop bag vote

A few months ago I got a sexy new laptop, and it’s bigger than my previous ones so the bags I have are a bit small. Now that I’m about to be a working girl again, I’m looking for something new in case I need to take my new sex machine to work. we’re also looking at some travel in the next few month. My requirements: something on the girly side (black briefcases are BOOOOORING) but nice enough to bring to a work meeting if needed. Protective. Room on the inside to bring the power cables and a few accessories (maybe in lieu of a separate purse). Water resistant. I’ve found three bags that all seem to meet this requirement. Help a sister pick a bag!

This Targus bag

This JoJo Designs bag

This Icon Motion Systems bag

OR, feel free to tell me about YOUR bag that you love. Thanks!!


9 thoughts on “Laptop bag vote”

  1. I think I’m stodgy and boring but 1 and 3 don’t strike me as bags I would expect you to pull a laptop and work files out of. My vote is 2.

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