Weekend recap – FANBOYS!

It’s FINALLY raining out here in the Bay Area. This is a big deal as we’re actually in drought conditions for the third year in a row and my county is on the verge of water rationing. And it was Valentine’s Weekend. I don’t do Valentine’s Day and I knew all dining places and whatnot would be jam packed so I was looking to stay home for the weekend. So on Saturday afternoon, after sleeping in like the lazy bums that we are, we hit the movie theatre. The movie we chose – Fanboys. The premise is that it’s 1998 and four guys who were friends in childhood (plus an additional friend, the always awesome Kristen Bell) are big time Star Wars fans. One of the guys has cancer, so they plan a road trip to California to steal the rough cut of Star Wars Episode 1 from George Lucas’ house. And wacky hijinks ensure. It’s fairly hilarious, especially if you grew up a Star Wars fan.

This movie’s been trying to get released for a very long time so it was great to finally be able to see it. Then we came home and… watched more movies! And ate New York style pizza!

Sunday was an exercise in laziness.

How about you, do anything for the Heart weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend recap – FANBOYS!”

  1. We ordered a party-size ricotta-potato-garlic pizza from La Villa and stayed in with that. On Sunday we went to see He Just Not That Into You, but I WISH I’d been watching Fanboys!

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