Cate Blanchett makes everything better

Long, long ago I posted a quick article that Ridley Scott was working with Russell Crowe on a new Robin Hood film called Nottingham. And Sienna Miller was slated to play Marian. Sienna’s ok but I just thought she couldn’t quite stack up to Russell Crowe. And then there was a lot of drama around the production – rumors that Crowe was way overweight and was unwilling to work out, and that he and Ridley were fighting. And then recently word came that Sienna Miller was let go from the film altogether. And the rumors further say that it was creepy and gross seeing young, pretty Sienna making out with sloppy, heavy, Russell. But NOW word comes that the awesomely awesome Cate Blanchett is in talks to replace her. And THAT, my friends, is a movie I’d see opening weekend. Though, to be honest, I’d probably watch “Cate Reads the Phonebook: The MOVIE!” if such a thing existed. I do like my strong British Aussie actresses.

Cate Blanchett


4 thoughts on “Cate Blanchett makes everything better”

  1. You know why I was thinking Brit? Because I was thinking “I like actresses named Cate. Blanchett, Winslet.” And then I thought “Now Kate Winslet, I bet she could kick Russell’s ass. That would be a good movie.” Good catch. Dumb of me.

  2. Those gossip column based rumors about Russell were pure, unadulterated hogwash, which some say originated with Sienna’s “people” trying to deflect attention from why she was let go from such a big film. Cate is a much better actress and can hold her own with Russell. By the way, actresses that co-star with Russell seem to go on to Oscar nominations with some regularity. Ask Kim Basenger and Jennifer Connolly.

    Truth? Russell has lost the weight he put on for a previous role, he’s been working out without being forced [he is famous for transforming his body for roles] and he looks hunky and camera ready. Here’s a candid picture of him playing with his son, taken this week… sloppy? corpulent? I don’t think so.

  3. Mmi – Like I said, I’ve always thought Sienna was an odd choice and kind of suspected that they wanted to get rid of her. I saw early production photos of Russell and he’d not lost the weight he gained for Body of Lies, which is why I think the nasty rumors started. Whatever. I just want to see a finished work. Anything to erase the memory of the Costner flick.

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