I want to go to that

We had a weekend that was just busy enough – enough time to be lazy but things to do. Saturday night we went to Redwood City for dinner and the Redwood Symphony. Now, I’ve had it in my head that I want to live in Redwood City, largely because of its location. But we’d never actually really BEEN to Redwood City. So I found a place to eat in the downtown area to see what it’s like. And what’s it’s like is super cute!

Redwood City sign

The tag line on that sign just cracked me up. Anyway, we wandered around for a bit and then headed to a nice little Thai place.

Next we headed over to the symphony and enjoyed a lovely program.

Today we headed up to San Francisco for brunch with friends. It was kind of a chilly gloomy day and we had to stand outside waiting for a table for a good hour. But, once we got in… YUM. The place my pals picked is called Brenda’s. It’s tiny. It’s at the edge of a sketchy neighborhood. And it’s cajun soulfood that was oh so delicious. I stuffed myself with a flight of beignets – that is, one of each of the 4 different types of beignets. Om nom nom nom nom. Then we went back to my pal’s place to play with the doggies!

Juno & Oscar

They were highly entertaining.

Now we’re back home, stuffed, chilly, and lazy. Yay weekend!

I have more Redwood City pictures here and more San Francisco pictures (with doggies!) here. Hope you had a great weekend too!

2 thoughts on “I want to go to that”

  1. I’m pretty sure that every place in San Francisco worth waiting an hour for is tiny and on the edge of a sketchy neighborhood. That said, the sketchy neighborhood in SF don’t really seem all that sketchy, and the food is always good.

  2. I dunno, we’ve done Sunday brunch a bit and some places aren’t too busy at all. There’s not a lot of really big places out there because the real estate is so pricey.

    As for neighborhoods, this is at the edge of hooker and murder alley. But we were on the much safer/busier end so…

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