Coming to Broadway?

La Jolla Playhouse is working on a stage version of the most excellent Joel Coen film The Hudsucker Proxy. As a musical. I can’t even wrap my brain around that.

If you haven’t seen Hudsucker, you should. It’s quirky and a bit dark and hilarious and I love it. In fact, I need to watch it again real soon. Tim Robbins is just wonderful in it.

Side note: I’m tweaking the blog a little, adding some links, reworking the layout a little, and might do more quick updates. I like the notion of a tumblr blog but they don’t allow commenting and I think the comment interaction is the most fun thing about blogging.

2 thoughts on “Coming to Broadway?”

  1. I saw the Hudsucker Proxy a while back (shortly after Paul Newman died). I’d never heard of it before, but it was a cute movie.

    I think they can make ANYTHING into a musical now!

  2. Kathy – I love that film. It’s so quirky. You know, for kids! And yes, that is the trend. I mean, if Xanadu can do well on Broadway as a musical, I guess anything can?

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