“What the f*@k was that?”

In July my husband took me to see a show I’d read about and was dying to see – Evil Dead the Musical. Well, the Willows Theatre Company in Martinez, California decided to remount the production, bigger and better than ever! We have a friend who’s a huge Evil Dead fan and who wasn’t here last time around so our gift to him was a night in Martinez, and a copy of the soundtrack.

Strike a pose

Still raunchy, still bloody, still punny, with some new stuff. And still mixed drinks that will knock you on your ass (ask our friend). If you’re in the Bay Area I HIGHLY recommend heading to Martinez for a night – a good time will be had by all.

And I got better pictures this time so check out my Flickr set.

3 thoughts on ““What the f*@k was that?””

  1. Is this ‘Evil Dead’ or ‘Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn’ because the second movie, my friend, is a masterpiece.


    Ash: ‘Swallow this.’ BBBAAAMMM!!!

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