Obama stuff that I want/need

Since today’s the big day I decided to round up some of the more kick-ass Obama swag that I’ve seen lately. Because there are some AWESOME Obama shirts floating in the internets.

Yesterday my pal Amy ran across this one:

Run DC shirt

I really, really REALLY want this shirt:

Obama on a Unicorn t-shirt

Project Hope 08 has some really awesome selections, you should surf the site. I especially dig this one:

Super Obama

Though the “Obama says knock you out” shirt is a close second.

And in my own personal collection for Christmas “GOP Santa” (AKA my Republican mom) brought me a talking Obama bobblehead to go with the talking Bill Clinton doll I got quite a few years ago.

Bill & Obama

Mr. Obama, AKA Mr. President, says “YES WE CAN” when moved. LOVE IT.

Happy inauguration day!

UPDATE: My husband just sent me this link. LOVE these shirts.

OS X Obama style shirts


2 thoughts on “Obama stuff that I want/need”

  1. I love all the swag pix! But especially the bobble heads in front of your wonderful book collection. You and I read a lot of the same things! In fact, I just recently re-read (via book on cd) The Sparrow and am dropping by the library after work today to pick up the sequel Children of God.

  2. You can’t see it but “Children of God” is the book that’s cut out next to “The Sparrow.” 🙂 I REALLY like “The Sparrow” and am glad that the film project stalled. Brad Pitt is supposed to play Sandoz. *eye roll* I like Brad but NOT in that role AT ALL.

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